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Sobati Group of Companies since 1946.

Speedpro, a new subsidiary of Sobati group, specializes in delivery services with an expanding fleet of motor bikes, riders and transport solutions

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With over 50 years of combined experience, The Sobati Group is a multi-purpose organization with interests in the auto industry, manufacturing, logistics, real estate, education and technology. From ground up to operations, the organization consists of highly accomplished logistics, design, development, procurement, branding, management, and operational services.


Our Services

Bike + Rider

We offer executives with bikes who are professional
and have expertise in delivery services.

Rider Only

We offer professional delivery executives without bikes
with expertise and skills.


Businesses we cater to


Our bike riders collaborate with restaurants which offer food delivery services


Our bike riders work with Noon, a transportation company which offers intercity delivery services for online orders


Our bike riders cater to E-commerce businesses by delivering their online orders to doorsteps


Our bike riders assist companies and banks by delivering their parcels and documents to their customers

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